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Posts for Month: November 2022

Did Crest Whitestrips Cause Me to Need a Root Canal Treatment?

I had a front incisor damaged in an accident years ago which pushed it back from my other teeth. I spoke to my dentist about wanting to whiten my teeth and he suggested Crest Whitestrips. I used it for 7 days without a problem but then started having pain at the site of the tooth […]


Did the Emergency Dentist Turn My Tooth Gray?

I had a horrible toothache and went to see an emergency dentist. I tend to avoid the dentist because I don’t usually have a good experience, even when there are not problems. However, this tooth hurt enough that I needed to get seen. He ran some tests that hurt and then did a dental crown […]


What Will Help My Experience with Dental Care in Mexico?

I am in need of two root canals, which will also mean two dental crowns. My dentist quoted the price to me, but it is so much more expensive than I can afford. A friend of mine recommended going to Mexico and told me it would be a fraction of the price. I am considering […]


Will a Pediatric Dentist Cost More

I need some advice. My son is five years old and a bit fidgety. I brought him to my dentist for his first dental appointment and, although my son didn’t mind the appointment, my dentist suggested he might be a better fit for a pediatric dentist. They’re just not used to patients who wiggle and […]