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Will a Pediatric Dentist Cost More

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I need some advice. My son is five years old and a bit fidgety. I brought him to my dentist for his first dental appointment and, although my son didn’t mind the appointment, my dentist suggested he might be a better fit for a pediatric dentist. They’re just not used to patients who wiggle and ask a lot of questions. I want to get my son the best care, but I’m worried a pediatric specialist will cost more than I can afford. I’m a single mom and money is super tight.


Dear Pamela,

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First, great job at getting your son to the dentist. I am glad he enjoyed himself even if the grumpy old dentist did not. Because of your dentist’s attitude toward children, I do think your son would be better served by someone else. That being said, the someone else does not necessarily have to be a pediatric dentist.

There are General Dentists Who are Great with Children

If you don’t want to see a pediatric specialist, there are general dentists who are good with children and actually enjoy treating them. Many families do this because it is easier to all go to the same office instead of one for the children and one for the adults. One way to know if a general dentist enjoys treating children is the age they are willing to see them. If the dentist says they will first see a child at two or three years of age, you can know they enjoy treating children. If they want you to wait until they are five or even eight you can be certain that your child would be better served elsewhere.

The Cost of a Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric specialists did extra schooling. As a result, their prices are usually a little higher. However, each dentist sets their own prices. That means you are likely to be able to find a pediatric dentist who charges around what a general dentist does.

If you have dental insurance and you stay in network, then just getting a checkup isn’t likely to cost you much, if anything. It is only when you go out of network that the costs start to mount up. As long as you keep up with your son’s twice yearly cleanings and checkups and do well at brushing and flossing at home, it is unlikely you will need any of the more expensive procedures. That doesn’t mean he’ll never have a cavity that needs to be filled. He just won’t need nearly as many. Plus, catching it early means you are not going to need dental crowns or pulpotomies. Prevention really is the cheapest medication when it comes to dental work.

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