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Will a Pediatric Dentist Cost More

I need some advice. My son is five years old and a bit fidgety. I brought him to my dentist for his first dental appointment and, although my son didn’t mind the appointment, my dentist suggested he might be a better fit for a pediatric dentist. They’re just not used to patients who wiggle and […]


My Son Won’t Sit Still for the Dentist

I’ve taken my son to the dentist twice, but he just won’t sit still. Both times my dentist said, “We’ll have to try again next time.” So for both appointments, which they did discount for me, he’s not actually been evaluated. I don’t know what to do, especially since he now is complaining that one […]


Why Would I Child Need a Pulpotomy?

My six-year-old has a deep cavity that turned into an infection on his back teeth. My pediatric dentist wants to do a pulpotomy on it. I think that is completely unnecessary. Those baby teeth are going to fall out anyway. What’s the point except to add to my bill and line his pocket? Monica Dear […]


Using Restraints on Children

I read that some dentists use restraints on children. I can’t imagine a scenario where that would be okay. Can you help me understand why that would ever be justified by someone who is not abusive? Karyn Dear Karyn, There are typically two types of restraints when it comes to pediatric dental care. The first […]


I Have Adult and Baby Teeth

I’ve only been to a dentist once in my life. I have both baby teeth (Lots of them) and adult teeth (all of them) in my mouth at the same time because most of my baby teeth didn’t come out but the adult teeth came in. It looks really weird because I am 15 years […]


A Dental Flipper for a Preschooler?

My three-year-old lost his two front teeth due to an accident. I”m a bit worried about his teeth shifting. We did have a pediatric dentist, but he recently sold his practice and is now in enjoying the high life of retirement. Unfortunately, the man who now runs his practice is not nearly as helpful. When […]