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What Will Help My Experience with Dental Care in Mexico?

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I am in need of two root canals, which will also mean two dental crowns. My dentist quoted the price to me, but it is so much more expensive than I can afford. A friend of mine recommended going to Mexico and told me it would be a fraction of the price. I am considering it, but have heard that some people have good experiences and some don’t. Is there anything I should know that would improve my chances at a good experience?


Dear Laura,

Example of a root canal treatment

Your safest way to guarantee a good experience is to not go to Mexico. The standards there are quite different than they are here. As an example, there are no requirements regarding the sterilization of their equipment. It is completely up to the dentist whether or not he sterilizes his equipment between patients. There isn’t an FDA type of organization there either so often the parts used are substandard.

While you are correct that some patients have a good experience, many have disastrous experiences which cost them thousands of dollars to fix and sometimes destroy their bite or even their jaw. Infections that get into the bone and faulty materials are just some of the problems.

If the cost is a problem, I would start by speaking to your dentist. Many went into their field because they want to help people. If you told him or her about your situation, they may be willing to work with you on payments. If your dentist is not, then you are better off switching dentists.

In that case, I would look for somone who advertises as an affordable dentist. These dentists not only strive to keep their prices affordable, but they also are much more willing to work with patients on payments. They either have in-office payment plans or work through Care Credit. Either way, you’ll be able to pay for your root canal treatments and dental crowns through installments.

Not only will you get affordable care, but you will also have the assurance that you will get top quality care.

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