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Problem with Infected Wisdom Tooth

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I had a terrible toothache and went to the dentist, even though I hate going to the dentist (no offense). He told me I had an infected wisdom tooth and I need to see a specialist. In the meantime, he provided me with some pain medication and antibiotics. I had just finished the antibiotics when I went to see the specialist and was no longer in pain. He confirmed there is an infection and suggested I make an appointment to have all the wisdom teeth removed. His earliest appointment was two months away but as the pain had subsided, I wasn’t too worried. However, in the last few days, the pain has started to return. Does this mean the infection has returned? Will he refuse to do the treatment? Do I need to get more antibiotics? Sorry for all the questions. I just really need to get this dealt with.


Dear Marilyn,

Woman grabbing her jaw in pain

Yes, your infection is returning. While it is not essential that the infection be under control when the extractions are done it is not required. However, you have a way to go before your appointment and you don’t want this to turn into a dental emergency. Your jaw is very close to your brain, heart, and lungs. The infection will spread and you don’t want it to reach any of those organs.

I would call your dentist and tell him you are out of antibiotics and need enough to get you four days past your extraction. If he has a problem with that, which he shouldn’t, call the specialist.

I have a question. Is there something special or complicated about the situation with your wisdom teeth? Most dentists can do wisdom tooth extractions. If there is not a complicating situation, you could call around and see if there’s another dentist available who can do it sooner.

One other thing I wanted to address is your dislike of dentists. Often that is because of a traumatic experience with a dentist in your childhood that causes lingering anxiety. That anxiety can make appointments more painful, which in turn increases your anxiety. It’s a vicious circle. I’d like to suggest you start seeing a dentist who offers dental sedation options. There are medications a dentist can give you that will make your procedures relaxing and pain-free.

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