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Getting Dental Implant Parts Online

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I have snap-on dentures for my upper arch. Periodically, I need some replacement parts. Presently, I need the male retention caps. However, I am struggling financially right now. My dentist sells them to me for $100 for a set of four. That is $25 a piece. I see them for sale online for $20 for a set of four. This would be quite helpful to me. However, whenever I try to order them online, they want me to prove I am a dentist, which (obviously) I cannot do. Is there any way for me to purchase them on my own?


Dear Leslie,

Image of a snap on denture

While dentists do tend to mark up items they sell through the office in order to help with their overhead, this item would make such a small impact that I think you can probably get him to budge on this. I would start by just talking to your dentist about it and see if he’s willing to sell them to you at cost or at least close to at cost.

If that does not work for you, then you could call around to other dental offices and explain the situation. You would not even have to talk to the dentist. It is usually the staff that does the ordering anyway. I feel like you will be able to find someone compassionate.

Though, truthfully, there is a way for your to get around needing a dentist for these at all. Instead of trying to order from a dental supply house, try eBay. I am seeing dental implant locator caps available from overseas vendors and they do not require you to prove you are a dentist.

They are selling for about $20/set of four, as you are seeing at the dental supply houses. The one downside to this is you would need to know exactly what strength you need.

I hope this helps you get what you need.
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