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Could I Wake Up During Dental Sedation?

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I am afraid of the dentist. Very afraid. I think I can see a cavity and know I need to go to the dentist, but I am a bit terrified. My boyfriend suggested I use dental sedation. However, I am scared that I will wake up in the middle of it. Is that a possibility?


Dear Catherine,

Woman asleep in dental chair

It is great that you are trying to get your tooth taken care of. That takes a lot of courage, especially when you are struggling with dental anxiety. The good news is your boyfriend gave you a great suggestion. That being said, there are several types of dental sedation. Which you use depends on your level of anxiety.

Because you seem to have a strong level of anxiety, I am going to recommend oral conscious sedation for you. This is administered by a pill. This is so strong, however, that you will need someone to drive you to and from your dental appointment as well as stay with you for a few hours after your appointment. You will still be a bit drowsy and loopy. It will need to be someone you trust.

This is different than anesthesia when you are completely out. While most people completely sleep through their procedures, which is why some people call this sleep dentistry, you are not forced asleep if you do not want to. Though, you can sleep if you want to. It is not likely you will wake up, but even if you did, you would not be in any pain whatsoever because you will be completely numb.

People with severe anxiety who use oral conscious sedation find that it changes their lives for the better. They are finally able to get their dental work done without any anxiety or pain.

I think this will be just what you need.
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