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Will Type 1 Diabetes Keep Me from Dental Implants?

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I need to replace two teeth. I’d like to get dental implants for them, but my dentist hinted that with my Type 1 Diabetes, I may not be a good candidate. Is it possible? If so, do I have to do anything differently?


Dear Mark,

Illustration of a dental implant

You’ve made a good choice in tooth replacement options. Having type 1 diabetes doesn’t necessarily preclude you from getting dental implants. However, it is a rather large risk factor. You can get them, but I would not recommend using your current dentist to do so. His recalcitrance tells me you will be pushing him out of his comfort zone. Because you are high risk, there are two specifics I am going to recommend for you.

The first thing I will recommend is that you will have extensive diagnostics done. This will include 3-dimensional x-rays, such as you’d get with a CT scan. This is important because you want a complete landscape. Sometimes dentists try to save money by skipping this procedure, but that is a mistake. One example of what can go wrong is that your dentist can accidentally perforate your sinus cavity, without knowing the depth. Another way dentists try to get around that problem is by using shorter implants, but those usually end up failing after a few years. Getting a CT scan can prevent that problem.

The second recommendation I have is that you see a dentist with a great deal of training and expertise in placing dental implants. In your case, I would suggest you see someone who is a fellow with the International Congress of Oral Implantology (ICOI).

I hope this helps. A fellow will know this, but they will want to keep a close eye on things throughout the procedure.

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