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I Can’t Get Through the Door of My Dentist

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It has been seven years since I’ve been to a dentist. The last time I tried, I got to the door but when I opened it I had a panic attack and fled. I am in pain and know I need a lot of work. Is there anything to help a person like me?


Dear Susan,

Person Hiding behind a chair in fear
There is a solution for dental anxiety


You are not the only patient to avoid the dentist. The good news is I have a solution for you. I want you to look for a sedation dentist. This will help you in a few ways.

Sedation Dentists are Compassionate and Non-Judgmental

When you are afraid of the dentist, you need a dentist who understands that and is patient with you. Dentists who advertise as sedation dentists enjoy working with fearful patients and strive to make their experience so positive as to change their whole outlook.

You will also find they will not lecture you about how long it has been since your last visit. They are just proud you found the courage to get there. It is a judgment-free zone.

Sedation Dentists Provide Anxiety-free and Pain-free Appointments

There are several levels of sedation. With some patients, just having some nitrous oxide is enough. However, your type of anxiety seems more severe. I am going to recommend you try oral conscious sedation. The good news is this is administered by swallowing a pill.

But, there is more good news as well. That pill will relax you so much, that if you wanted to you could completely sleep through your entire appointment. This is why some patients call it sleep dentistry.

Sedation Dentists Can Get More Work Done on Your Teeth

Because you are completely relaxed (and likely asleep), your dentist can do more work at each appointment. This will allow you to catch up on your dental work so much faster than would otherwise be possible

I hope this helps you get the care you need.

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