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Can’t Afford To Deal My Wisdom Tooth?

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I cracked a wisdom tooth some time ago but didn’t really have the money to deal with it. Now it is decaying and I am still broke. The tooth is super sensitive. Is there a way to deal with this just with antibiotics?


Dear Kevin,

Man grabbing his jaw in pain.

I’m sorry you are going through this. It’s always tough when you need medical or dental care and don’t feel like you have the funds to take care of it. It sounds to me that this wisdom tooth is infected. You do not want to leave this untreated. Tooth infections spread. If you think about how close your jaw is to your heart, brain, and lungs. You do not want to risk it spreading there.

Unfortnately, antibiotics do not work for dental infections. The most they can do for you is hold off the infection while you save up or find an affordable dentist who is willing to work with you. Be aware that once the antibiotics run out, your infection will flare right back up. The best way to deal with this infection is to just extract the tooth.

I know that does not change your finacical situation, so here is what I am going to suggest. Most dentists went into their field because they wanted to help people. Call around and explain your situation. I am fairly certain that you will find a dentist who is willing to work with you financially.

Some dentists have in house payment plans. Others will work through Care Credit, which is like a medical credit card that has low interest and even no interest payment plans depending on the health of your credit.

Please don’t put this off. You don’t want an urgent dental need to become something life threatening. Make those phone calls. Also, see if there is a dental school in your area. Sometimes you can get some help there.

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