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Do I Really Need To Replace My Dental Bridge?

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I had a dental bridge placed a year ago and now my dentist said it needs to be replaced because one of the teeth that holds the crown is cracked. If there is no pain is this strictly necessary? The bridge is quite expensive and I am not keen on replacing it.


Dear Ben,

Dental Bridge and Dental implant

While replacing a tooth with a bridge is less expensive than a dental implant upfront, you are seeing one its downsides. If a dental implant has a problem, you only have to replace that implant. With a dental bridge, if one part fails, the entire unit has to be replaced and its monetary savings diminishes.

The teeth that hold the dental bridge are called the abutment teeth. It either of them are damaged, then it would have to be removed. This means you are now looking at an even longer bridge, which has to replace two teeth. That becomes even riskier, with even more pressure on the abument teeth. My suggestion, if indeed this does need to be replaced, would be to get dental implants.

That being said, I have some doubts about this diagnosis. First, it would be highly unusual for a crowned tooth to crack. The whole point of getting a dental crown is to protect a tooth. Second, if it were cracked, you would be experiencing some pain when you bite down on it. Before moving forward on this, I think you should get a second opinion.

Don’t tell the second opinion dentist what your dentist said. Just have him examine your bridge and ask how he or she thinks it is holding up.

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