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Dentist Won’t Extract a Second Tooth

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I had a root canal treatment done a couple of months ago on a top left molar and that tooth is still bothering me. I was also scheduled to have an impacted and infected wisdom tooth removed from the bottom left side of my mouth. I canceled the appointment because I wanted the dentist to also take out the tooth that had the root canal treatment but he is refusing. I want to find a dentist who would be willing to take out both. Do you have any recommendations on how to find one or is it just a matter of calling around?

Sandy F.

Dear Sandy,

woman grabbing her jaw in need of an emergency dentist

You may not like what I’m going to say but I hope you will take it in the spirit intended, which is just to help you. I think you should listen to your dentist here. If he agreed to take both teeth out, the only thing that would happen to him is he would make double the money. Instead, he is having integrity and not unnecessarily removing a healthy tooth just to line his pockets.

If your wisdom tooth is impacted and infected, that would likely be the source of discomfort for your tooth that had a root canal treatment. These type of situations often have what we call referred pain. Yes, your root-canaled tooth is uncomfortable, but the pain is actually coming from the impacted wisdom tooth.

While I am sure you will be able to find a dentist willing to take out both teeth, please ask yourself if you want to entrust your health and money to someone who is doing an unnecessary procedure on your teeth just to make more money.

Whatever you decide. Don’t wait too long. That infected tooth is considered a dental emergency. If you don’t get it out, the infection will spread. Your jaw is close to your throat and there have been reports of a dental infection swelling someone’s breathing passage and cutting off their air.

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