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Dental Insurance and Dental Implants

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I’ve lost several teeth and have been told that dental implants are the solution I need. However, they are quite expensive. If I get dental insurance, will that cover them?


Dear Martin,

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Dental Implants

I am glad that you are looking at dental implants to replace your teeth. These are the best tooth replacements. Depending on the number of teeth you’ve lost, it could be imperative to get them in order to prevent loss of your jawbone; a condition known in dental circles as facial collapse.

Based on your question, it sounds like you are wanting to get dental insurance specifically for dental implants. You should be aware before doing so that in most cases, dental insurance has a waiting period before any large procedures. You may have to wait as much as a year before you would be able to actually get the procedure you need. You should also know that it will only pay for a portion of the procedure. You will still have a significant cost.

With that in mind, here are some things to keep in mind. You generally do not pay for the whole procedure at once. It’s paid in two installments. The first one at the time of the surgery. The second payment will be done at the time you get the implant crowns. Even then, there are dentists who would allow you to divide up the payments even further.

Please do not base your choice of implant dentist on their fee. This is an advanced procedure which is not adequately taught in dental schools. You need a dentist with post-doctoral training in this procedure. When inexperienced dentists do this it ends up being a disaster for the patient. There are countless dental implant horror stories where people have developed jaw infections and even lost part of their face. It is better to get a cheap temporary replacement and save up for a good implant dentist.

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