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Are Same Day Crowns as Good as the Traditional Crowns?

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I had a crown placed a few years ago by one of those same day crown machines. Then I had a work transfer that relocated me to another state. I went to a new dentist for a checkup and the dentist said the crown was not fitting properly. He also implied that the dentist should have removed my post by vibration and not by drilling it. He’s going to redo the crown. My questions are: 1. Would it be a better idea for me to get a traditional crown this time, seeing as the same-day one did not fit properly? 2. Do you think the drilling of the post,instead of vibrating, caused damage to the tooth or bone?


Dear Benny,

porcelain crown being placed on a tooth

I’m going to start with the second question. While using vibration to remove a post is ideal, it is not always possible. When that happens, drilling is the only way to get the post out is to use a drill. The danger with that is the drill will slip and do damage to the root, which will mean you would have to have the tooth extracted. However, your dentist did not seem to have a problem with that. The drilling procedure went fine.

More concerning to me is your new dentist’s comment that the dental crown is not fitting properly. What did he mean by that? He should have been more specific by saying something like, “there are gaps in the margin.” Other than that, the crown would be fine. This is especially true as you’ve never mentioned anything about the crown bothering you. Instead, you simply went in for a check up and the dentist mentioned it. That combined with the fact that same-day crowns are more accurate than traditional crowns really has me suspicious here. The same-day crowns are milled by a computer, hence the accuracy.

My recommendation is you get a second opinion on this crown. However, when you do that, please do not tell the second dentist who the first dentist is or what their diagnosis was. Just have him or her look at the crown and tell you what they think of it.

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