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Why Does My Dental Crown Keep Falling Off?

I had a dental crown placed and it has fallen out five different times in just a few months. The first three times I went to the dentist that made the crown, but by the fourth time I lost confidence in that dentist and went to another one. He told me my other dentist was […]


Are Same Day Crowns as Good as the Traditional Crowns?

I had a crown placed a few years ago by one of those same day crown machines. Then I had a work transfer that relocated me to another state. I went to a new dentist for a checkup and the dentist said the crown was not fitting properly. He also implied that the dentist should […]


Why Doesn’t My CEREC Crown Match My Other Tooth?

I don’t know what has gone wrong with my CEREC crown. My dentist matched the color okay but somehow they still don’t match. It is so obvious the CEREC crown is fake next to the other one. Can you figure out what went wrong? Basil Dear Basil, I think I can tell you the problem […]


CEREC Crowns on Front Teeth

I was in an accident that led to me losing my two front teeth. I wanted to replace them as quickly as possible. My dentist does CEREC crowns, but when I told him I wanted to replace my teeth with CEREC crowns, he said that he doesn’t do CEREC crowns on front teeth. Is there […]