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Should I Wait Until Impacted Wisdom Teeth Bother Me?

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I am in my mid twenties and having some trouble with my wisdom teeth. Two of them are infected. The other two, while also impacted, are not infected. My dentist said the infected ones have to go but it is up to me what to do with the other two. I’m not sure what is the right decision. Do you have any guidance for me?


Dear Carlee,

Illustration of impacted wisdom teeth
Impacted Wisdom Teeth

When it comes to wisdom teeth that are in proper alignment, it is not essential that they are extracted unless there is a problem. With impacted wisdom teeth, it is more risky to leave them.

As you age, the bones that retain the roots of your teeth become less flexible. The roots of your teeth mature and as a result have increased cementum formation. This makes the tooth fatter toward the ends of the roots; making them harder to extract.

You are at a good age to have them extracted. Starting at the age of 25, your chances for complications doubles every five years. So, when you are 30, your risk factors double, then again when you are 35, etc.

Some impacted wisdom teeth will not be a problem for people their entire lives. There are also different types of impaction, some of which have a greater risk than others. I haven’t seen any x-rays of your teeth so cannot give you specific recommendations. I will say that if you already have two infected wisdom teeth, it raises concerns to me.

If you are going to extract them, doing it now would be the time that would have the fewest risks. Plus, you could get them all extracted at once saving you multiple appointments. This also allows you to plan it around your schedule and helps you to avoid a dental emergency later down the line.

I hope this helped instead of making your decision harder.

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