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Can a Maryland Bridge Bond to Porcelain Crowns?

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I feel like I’m losing so many teeth lately. I had a round of chemo and it did a number on my teeth. First, I had to have two porcelain crowns. Between them, I still had a viable tooth, but now that one has to go. I am going to replace it with a dental implant. My dentist is suggesting we use a Maryland bridge as a temporary replacement while I undergo the implant procedure and wait on someting call osseointegration. My only concern is whether or not the wings will bond to the porcelain well enough.


Dear Percy,

Maryland Bridge illustration

First, let me say how sorry I am for what you’re going through with your cancer treatments. Do not be too hard on yourself about the struggle you’ve been having with your dental care. Chemo and radiation are horrible for teeth, though necessary for you at this stage of treatment.

I am glad you are getting a dental implant. They are the best tooth replacement available. While technically, a Maryland bridge can bond to porcelain, it will not be as secure a bond as it would have to natural tooth structure.

tooth preparation for a Maryland BridgeHonestly, I would not consider a Maryland Bridge a good option for a temporary tooth replacement. In order for the bridge to be secure, there will need to be a notch placed into the tooth. Anything that permanently alters tooth structure is not a temporary replacement, in my opinion.

My suggestion is that you ask for a dental flipper. This is much less expensive than a Maryland Bridge and will not require any tooth structure to be removed. It is a much better option for you.

As for osseointegration, that is the process in which the bone from your jawbone integrates with the implant. This is imperative. Otherwise, your dental implant will have nothing to keep it secure and you will end up failing.

One other thing. While you are undergoing your medical treatments, please ask your dentist to provide you with some fluoride rinse that you can use at home regularly. This will help strengthen your teeth while you are still under medical care.

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