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Is There a Soft Denture?

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I have a denture, but the hard upper plate is making life miserable for me. Is there such a thing as a soft denture?


Dear Kat,

complete dentures

While there is such a thing as a soft liner, there isn’t a pliable soft denture yet. The reason for that is the upper appliance has to be hard in order to help with the fit and ability to chew. Though, as you have likely discovered, even the best fitting dentures will reduce your chewing capacity by 50%.

The soft liner that I mentioned above is only to ease the pain on a bony ridge where the lower denture will rest. They are more expensive and do not last as long. However, that does not help with the problem you are having.

The better solution for you would be to get implant overdentures. This places four to six dental implants and then, after a period of healing which also gives the bone time to integrate with the implants. This helps secure them and keep them in your jaw.

Not only will it be completely comfortable for you. It will also improve your chewing capacity. Most importantly it will prevent facial collapse. This is more important in your lower arch.

Facial Collapse

Illustration of facial collapse

When your teeth were removed, your body immediately began to resorb the minerals in your jawbone in order to use them elsewhere in your body. It does this to be as efficient with your body’s resources as possible. Unfortunately, it has the inevitable side effect of shrinking your jawbone as it uses the minerals elsewhere. After between 10 to 15 years, you will no longer have enough bone left to retain your dentures. This is known as facial collapse.

Placing dental implants in your jaw prevents this. Your body interprets the implants as your teeth’s roots and decides you need your jawbone, leaving it intact.

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