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Root Canal Disaster

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My husband had an injury that caused him to have some trauma to his teeth. I took him to the dentist who did not want to do any treatment for at least two weeks. In that time, his tooth started to discolor. At that point, he wasn’t in pain. The dentist said that he did not feel anything but dried blood and didn’t feel any treatment was necessary. He did fit him for a crown that was placed a couple of weeks later. Just over a month later, he ended up in severe pain. We went in for an emergency root canal treatment. He gave him 5 days worth of Amoxycillan and then a little over a week later we came back for him to finish the root canal treatment. While my husband had slight relief in about 24 hours, the pain came back worse than ever. The pain only increased. Then, two weeks later the dentist decided to do a root canal on an adjacent tooth because he didn’t understand why my husband was still in pain. Then, still no relief, which tells me that the second root canal treatment was completely unnecessary. Do we just extract the tooth at this point? He has had no pain meds this whole time, except Tylenol that I’ve been giving him.


Dear Paula,

Man in pain and in need of an emergency dentist


Your husband has been through so much. I can tell you are worried and care about him a lot. He has had very poor treatment so far, but I think we can still save his tooth. I don’t understand why your dentist did not do a root canal treatment from the moment his tooth started turning dark. What did he think was happening?! If he’d done the root canal treatment at that point it would have been much simpler because the infection would not have set in. Another issue is the antibiotic he gave you. Amoxicillin is not a good choice for a dental infection. Plus, he only did it for 5 days then waited until after it ran out to seal his tooth. That poses a huge risk of the infection flaring up, which of course it did.

I have zero confidence in your current dentist and think you should be on the lookout for another one. I would like you to schedule an emergency dental appointment with an endodontist (root canal specialist). They have the training to treat this the right way.

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