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Should I Have Been Allowed to Drive after My Dental Sedation?

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I have a co-worker who is telling me she needs a ride to and from the dentist because she is having a procedure using dental sedation. She is new in town and doesn’t know anyone yet or have family. But, she is quite a needy personailty. I’ve had dental sedation before but I was just fine afterward and able to drive home on my own. I don’t understand why she has to have a driver. Either she is completely overreacting or my dentist let me drive home on my own when they should not have. Which is it?


Dear Karen,

Woman asleep in dental chair

The answer is likely neither. There are various types of dental sedation and the two of you must have used different types. If you felt fine and your dentists allowed you to leave on your own, then you were most likely using nitrous oxide. This is a gas that can be switched back to oxygen after the procedure so that you are back to your old self in just a few moments.

It is likely your co-worker is using oral conscious sedation. That is administered by a pill, but she will be so groggy and loopy that driving will be unsafe for her and anyone else on the road. In fact, it will be a few hours after her trip home that she will be lucid and steady on her feet again. In fact, it would be merciful if you stayed with her until she was.

One of the main concerns is that she will get up and try to do things before she is ready. That can cause serious injury.

I hope this clears up the difference. I do not think your co-worker was overreacting. She legitimately will need some help that day.

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