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Will An Emergency Dentist Finish a Root Canal Treatment?

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I had a root canal treatment started a few months ago, but got transferred right after that. In the chaos that ensued with a move and getting four kids set up in their schools, I just sort of forgot about it because it wasn’t bothering me. I regret that now. It has since blown up with a vengeance. I’m in substantial pain and my cheek is starting to swell. I have not had time to get a new dentist yet. If I see an emergency dentist, will they just pull it or will they be willing to finish the root canal in order to save the tooth? I would much rather save my tooth.


Dear Jensen,

man holding his jaw in pain

You have been a busy man. I am sorry for the pain you are in. These things certainly can sneak up on us, can’t they? The first thing an emergency dentist will do is evaluate the situation, including an x-ray to see if the tooth is viable. If it is, then you have the right to save it. They will also do whatever it takes to get you out of pain, which could include draining a tooth, pain medication, and/or a prescription antibiotic. After that, it depends on two main things. One is what your tooth needs to repair it. The second is how much time they have available at the moment.

If they have the time right then and the tooth isn’t too bad, they may complete the root canal treatment right there. Chances are though, that they may need to drain the tooth and give the antibiotic some time to get the infection under control first. In that case, they will reschedule you for a follow up on the remainder of the procedure.

Though no likes it when dental emergencies pop up, in this situation it will give you a chance to check out a dentist first hand and see if they will be your next provider, allowing you to knock out two birds with one stone.

Best of luck in your new location and I hope your kids are loving their new school.

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