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Would I Be Better Off Without a Holistic Dentist?

I have loved the fact that my dentist is a holistic dentist, but I am having a hard time with his competence in other areas and am worried that I should switch dentists. I also have a question about the best way to fix this issue. I went to my dentist to ask if he […]


Help with Dental Allergies

I have been diagnosed with Type IV dental allergies. Additionally, I have tested positive for allergies to dental cement, nickel, formaldehyde, cobalt, chromium, titanium, and many chemicals. I had a root canal treatment done but the dentist left a file in it that broke off. I’m in a lot of pain but also have severe […]


Multiple Dental Allergies

A few years ago I had a root canal treatment done. The dentist broke a file in the tooth but told me it was nothing to worry about. It started bothering me so I went to see an endodontist. When he tried to remove it, he actually ended up pushing it through the bottom, making […]