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Baton Rouge Holistic Dentist

If you’re looking for a holistic dentist, you probably understand the relationship between your oral and overall health and want dental care that supports both. At Theriot Family Dental Care, with locations in Baton Rouge and Lafayette, we respect your concerns and have treatment options that promote good health.

Holistic Treatment Options

White composite fillings on lower molar teeth - for a holistic approach
Our holistic approach includes tooth-colored composite fillings

Dr. Theriot and Dr. Redhead use biocompatible materials and treatment options that protect and support your health.

  • Mercury-free fillings – You’ll receive white composite fillings that strengthen your teeth and look natural.
  • Metal-free, all-ceramic crowns and bridges – We offer high-strength zirconia crowns and bridges for metal-free solutions that look natural.

Sanitary Amalgam Removal

If you have amalgam (“silver”) fillings that you want us to replace with white fillings but avoid exposing you to the debris created when the filling is removed, we offer sanitary amalgam removal. We will take the following steps to minimize your exposure to mercury vapor and particles in amalgam:

  • Isolate the affected teeth before removing fillings from them
  • Use high-speed suction to remove any debris created
  • Give you oxygen to breathe in during removal to prevent you from inhaling mercury dust or mercury vapor

Clifford Materials Reactivity Testing

If you’ve completed Clifford testing to screen your blood for allergies or sensitivities to dental materials, please give us a copy of the test results. We’ll use the results to choose treatment options that avoid adverse reactions and protect your oral health.

Promoting Holistic Dentistry Through Education

We provide patient education and participate in continuing education to remain knowledgeable and current about protecting and supporting your health.

Patient education

During your visits with us, we’ll emphasize your role in practicing good oral hygiene to protect your overall health. We use intraoral cameras and monitors in our treatment rooms so you can see close-up photographs of your teeth as Dr. Theriot or Dr. Redhead explains the status of your oral health, diagnosis, or treatment options.

Continuing education

Dr. Theriot and Dr. Redhead each complete 30 to 40 hours of continuing education each year—double the Louisiana State Dental Board’s requirement. Ongoing training helps them stay current with advances in dental technology and techniques that promote accurate diagnosis and successful treatment that are good for your health.

Please let us know if you have allergies or sensitivities to materials, chemicals, or other substances, and we’ll accommodate you. Call us to schedule an appointment or complete our appointment request form.