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Teeth Whitening with Dental Fillings

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I have about five composite fillings. My teeth are aging, along with myself, and are looking more yellow than white even though I am fastidious about my oral hygiene. I have decided to give myself an early Christmas present and get my teeth whitened. Before I move forward, I have some questions.
1. Will the fillings whiten along with my teeth?
2. If not, should I do the teeth whitening first or replace the fillings first?


Dear Christina,

Teeth Bleaching trays

You ask some great questions and I love it when dental patients don’t just blindly go forward with something they want but ask good questions to make an informed decision.

The teeth whitening gel will whiten your natural tooth structure wonderfully, but will not whiten your fillings. In answer to your second question, while you can do it either way, I find you will have a more precise match if you do the teeth whitening first and then replace the white fillings. It is pretty much impossible to make an accurate guess as to what the final result of the whitening will be.

Once you achieve the level of whiteness you want. Wait a week or two before changing the fillings. Oxygen continues to release after you finish your whitening, so there will still be some brightening of the color for up to two weeks. Once that time has past, you will have a definite color to match.

Again, great questions!
Enjoy your new, whiter smile.

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