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My New Porcelain Crowns are Stained

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I have been a bit depressed since getting my six dental crowns. First, I asked for color BL1 because my teeth are pretty white because I use teeth whitening every five years and Supersmile toothpaste to keep the stains away. When they crowns came in, they were much darker than I was expecting. I was also told they would be very stain resistant.  I’ve only had them for three weeks and they’re yellow. I do drink coffee, and it is seeming to show up on my porcelain crowns. I have a consultation with another dentist in a few days and I wonder if you can give me some advice.


Dear Caitlin,

porcelain crown being placed


If these are truly porcelain crowns and the glaze is intact, they would not be picking up stains. So, that tells me that either your dentist used a cheap resin subsititute or something damaged the glaze. You said you use Supersmile toothpaste which is an excellent choice for dental work. I don’t hink anything you’ve done could have damaged the glazing. I wonder if for some reason your hygienist used a power prophy jet or acidulated fluoride on your crowns. Regular fluoride is okay, but acidulated contains hydrochloric acid which will damage the glaze. It is great that you are going for a consultation with someone. They can give you an idea of what went wrong with your porcelain crowns.

Getting a Second Opinion

One thing that is important when you are going for a consultation about another dentist’s work is you make it a blind second opinion. Do not tell the dentist who did your work. Just ask them to look at your porcelain crowns and ask if they can tell you why they are picking up stains. If they ask who did the work, tell them you just want their opinion without influence of who did the work. They should understand that.

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