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Luster Premium At-Home Teeth Whitening

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I’ve seen some great reviews for a product called Luster Premium Whitening that you can do at home without a dentist. I am glad the reviews are good, which shows people’s teeth are getting whiter, but wanted to make certain it is safe before I actually use it. Can you tell me what you think of it?


Dear Deidre,

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There are some decent home teeth whitening kits, unfortunately, this is not one of them. They don’t actually have a good teeth whitening ingredient. Instead, their “super whitener”, is really just a pigment that comes from Zinc Oxide. What it will do is make your teeth look whiter for a period of time, but when the pigment wears off, so does the “whitening”.  They are misrepresenting their product and I would not waste my money on it. I believe any good reviews they have were written while the pigment was visible.

If you want an over-the-counter whitening, Crest Whitestrips uses a legitimate teeth whitening ingredient. The only downsides to it are they will only whiten the first four to six teeth depending on the shape of your bite. Plus, it legally has a significantly lower strength of teeth whitening than you would with the professional strength gel that you would get with your dentist. In most cases, there is a 300%+ greater strength gel with your dentist. That means you will need to buy quite a few kits in order to get the same level of whitening you would with one treatment from your dentist.  It will work, though. You will just have to be patient and consistent.

If the cost is the only thing keeping you from having it done with your dentist, then I would talk to him about allowing you to make payments. Not only will the whitening be more thorough and effective, but you will also have the safety net of being under a dentist’s care while doing the treatments. This is important because there have been cases of patients needing a root canal treatment after using an over-the-counter whitening.

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