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I Can’t Afford Dental Implants

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I’m in my mid-thirties and my teeth are a mess. My dentist is suggesting implant overdentures, but I just can’t afford them. I’m facing dentures before I’m even middle-aged. I’m an absolute mess over this. It’s the only part of my body that looks bad. I’m fit and take good care of myself. I just don’t smile because my teeth are a mess. Even when I laugh, I’m careful to do it discreetly where no one can see my teeth. I know about facial collapse, so I am too young for dentures. Are there things I can do like free advertising for them where I could get my dental implants for free or at least at a big discount? Or what about one of those dental charities? Would they give me some dental implants?


Dear Brenda,

An image of traditional and metal free dental implants

I am sorry you are facing this. While it is going to sound like I’m nixing all your ideas at first, I can help you with some suggestions that will help you with affordable dental implants. There is not a way to get them free by advertising, for the simple reason that people are willing to pay for them and advertise. As for the dental charities, they’ll provide you with removable dentures, but not dental implants. This is because until recently, removable dentures were the standard of care for replacing all your teeth.

Here are some options that may work for you, though none of them are ideal.

  • You could get snap on dentures, that just require two implants or can use mini implants. While not as good as the standard dental implants, they will help prevent facial collapse wherever you do have some implants.
  • You could see if there is a dental school near you that provides dental implant instruction. Your case would be done by a student, but they should be well supervised. These schools will discount their fees in order to simultaneously draw in patients for their students and to give you a benefit for being a willing instructional tool.
  • The final option, if neither of these work for you, is simply to get the dentures but save up in order to switch to dental implants when you are able.

I’m sorry you are having to deal with this.
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