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Dental Sedation Testimonial & a Question

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Dr. Theriot,

I read something on your blog some time ago by someone who was terrified of the dentist because of a bad experience they had where they could not get numb. I had a similar experience so I was very interested in what you had to say. At the time, my mouth was in seriously bad shape. Seriously bad. I decided to try what you said. THANK YOU!! It was life changing. I decided to go for the strong one you talked about. The oral conscious sedation. I don’t remember anything about my first appointment except that I slept the whole way through it. I was so relieved to finally have a dental appointment that wasn’t pure torture. I scheduled another one almost immediately.

It only took four appointments for me to get completely caught up in my dental care. Now, I rarely need the dental sedation and only use it when I have to have a bigger procedure like a dental crown.

Now for my question. Now that I have my teeth healthy, I’d like to get a more attractive smile. I have four dental crowns and two dental implants. But, my teeth are pretty yellow. If I get my teeth whitened, will that take care of everything or do the implants and crowns need something different? Cost is not a problem for me. While I was a bit of a chicken, I do have some money saved up.


Dear Amanda,

A woman asleep in a chair relaxing with dental sedation.


First, I’m glad you found the blog helpful. Congratulations on getting all of your oral health up to date. That is huge! I appreciate that you shared a testimonial about how dental sedation helped you so much. You’ll find, as long as you are able to keep up with your regular appointments and your at-home oral health, you will find there is less and less need for those more extensive appointments.

As for getting a more attractive smile, teeth whitening is a great way to go. The only downside for you is the dental crowns will have to be redone to match the new, more youthful color of your teeth.

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