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Deep Cleaning is Killing Me

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I have had two deep cleanings because of pockets and gaps I have. The pain I’ve been through is extraordinary. I don’t know if I can keep doing this because my teeth have been so sensitive since. Is this really as important as my dentist is making out?


Dear Elaine,

Young man holding his jaw in pain

You clearly have some serious gum disease going on, so yes, doing these deep cleanings will be as important as your dentist is making out. If you don’t get the infection in your gums under control, you can lose your teeth. At some point, your teeth will just start falling out. You don’t want that!

Deep cleanings do tend to be painful because of how deep they have to go. That is why they are typically done under a local anesthetic. If your dentist isn’t doing that or you are not adequately getting numb, you may need to see a gum disease specialist who offers dental sedation. Let them know what has been going on.

Another step you can take is to make certain you are getting some antibiotics during the duration of your deep cleanings. Let’s say you do them over a period of a few weeks, you can have antibiotics during that time. This should help with any painful flareups you have.

Please don’t avoid this. As I mentioned earlier. You could lose your teeth. I would consider this an urgent dental situation. You don’t want to have to start shopping around for tooth replacements.

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