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Did Crest Whitestrips Cause My Tooth to Need a Root Canal Treatment?

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I have a tooth that had been damaged and pushed back. An oral surgeon had put it back in place. Recently, however, it had turned darker than the other teeth and some of the part up top by the gum had become exposed. I was embarrassed by the appearance and asked my dentist about it. He suggested I try Crest Whitestrips. After a few days, I started having some sensitivity to the tooth to both hot and cold. I went to an endodontist because I was worried and he said I need a root canal treatment. Did the Crest Whitestrips do this?


Dear Bridgette,

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Crest whitestrips, while they will whiten teeth are quite weak so it would be highly unusual for them to cause sensitivity or anything as serious as a root canal treatment. You’re situtation is a bit different, however, which makes me think it is possible. You said part of what I’m thinking may be the root exposed. Plus, this tooth had already experienced significant trauma. In its weakened position, I see where this could be possible. Though, it may have needed the root canal before you even started using the Whitestrips and then their use just threw your tooth over the edge.

One thing to be aware of is that your dentist’s recommendation in dealing with this darker tooth was a bad one. When teeth whitening is done on a tooth, it is done uniformly. That means even if the whitestrips did work, the tooth would still be darker than it’s adjacent teeth. Your dentist does not seem to understand cosmetic dentistry.

My suggestion is that when you have the root canal treatment done, you have a good cosmetic dentist place a dental crown on it, which will likely be necessary after the root canal treatment anyway.

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