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Should I Keep My Last Two Teeth?

All of my teeth are gone with the exception of my two front teeth. I’m like a reverse eight year old. I wear partial dentures around them but they are bulky and uncomfortable. Some dentists are saying I’d be better off getting rid of those two last teeth and others are saying it is my […]


A Pretty Smile After 23 Years?

I’ve been wearing dentures for a little over twenty-two years. My smile has never been pretty as a result. I have seen people with dental implants that have very attractive smiles. I’d like to switch to those but don’t know if it is too late. Lucy Dear Lucy,   It is never too late to […]


Denture Teeth Won’t Stay In

I am only 53 years old. Having to get dentures when I did 15 years ago was hard enough on my female pride. Now I can’t even keep the dentures in. It is a humiliating situation.  I went to my dentist about it, the one who’d originally given me the dentures and he said there […]