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Summertime Tips for Healthy Teeth

Ah, summertime!  The days are longer, and time seems to slow down just a little bit.  Allowing ourselves time to relax and enjoy is good for the soul.  Still, we must be careful not to let our guard down too much when it comes to caring for our oral health.  Here are just a few […]


To Mouthwash, or Not to Mouthwash: That is the Question

We all know that brushing and flossing are the building blocks of a good oral hygiene routine. Should you use a mouthwash too? After all, who doesn’t love that minty freshness that comes from that daily swish? What are the benefits and drawbacks? We’ll address these questions and more – keep reading! How Does Mouthwash […]


Will The Dentist Know If I Don’t Floss My Teeth?

Will the dentist know if I don’t floss my teeth? Yes, yes. Your dentist knows! Did you know that studies conducted by the American Dental Association have found that only as little as 10% of Americans floss their teeth daily? Are you part of the 90% guilty of not flossing your teeth every day? Maybe […]


Oral Care Tips to Help Children Care for Their Teeth

Do you ever wonder whether your children have good oral hygiene habits? Do you know that their habits could be better? Looking for some ideas to help them improve? First things first. Why is children’s oral health so important? I mean, these are baby teeth that are just going to fall out anyway, right? Wrong. […]