Superior Oral Health: Oral Health Care

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Are you implementing oral health basics into your lifestyle to ensure that your mouth can function properly? Are you taking the time to look for new options to improve your oral hygiene care and your lifestyle to ensure your teeth and gums can remain strong for the remainder of your life? If you have not already done so, consider the following tips to improve your oral health care:

– Make sure to use oral hygiene products that have been approved by your dentist or are recommended for use.
– Don’t forget to brush your teeth twice every day with a nonabrasive toothbrush. Furthermore, floss once daily and consider using mouthwash daily as well.
– Due to the risks associated with dental abrasion after eating, avoid using brushes after meals.
– Focus on eating a balanced and nutritious diet with a focus on avoiding products that contribute to dental erosion or plaque buildup.
– Limit your intake of sugars and starches, as they can help speed up plaque formation.
– Avoid smoking or chewing tobacco or using drugs that can damage your health and your smile.
– Talk to our dentist about your complete dental history to know any risks you may have and any areas that may need work.
– Avoid hard candies and other similar products that can chip and crack your teeth.
– Schedule regular visits with our dentist for routine checkups and oral examinations.
– For additional help cleaning out your mouth, visit our dentist for professional cleanings every six months.

Do you require additional health care to keep your smile safe from common risks that may occur in the future? For more oral health advice or to schedule an oral health exam with Dr. John Theriot and our team at our dental office in Lafayette, Louisiana, please contact us at 337-984-3408. Theriot Family Dental Care thanks you for stopping by and hopes you have a wonderful day!