Dental Care Tips for Younger Children:

  • Establish brushing as a non-negotiable aspect of their daily routine.
  • To reduce any risks associated with children swallowing their toothpaste, be sure to only use a pea-size amount and applaud them for spitting out any excess.
  • Encourage brushing as a fun activity rather than a chore. By choosing a certain song to brush to, approximately two minutes long, they grow more familiar to brushing for longer than just a few seconds.

Dental Care Tips for Older Children:

  • Fluoride treatments are valuable in preventing tooth decay and decay lesions as your child’s adult teeth erupt.
  • We recommend flossing as soon as your child’s baby molars appear, which is around age two or three. Cavities often begin to form between the teeth, which cannot be reached by brushing.
  • Introduce flossing as something “big kids” do. This usually encourages kids around the age of eight or nine to work on forming this habit.

Our team at the office of Theriot Family Dental Care emphasizes amusing, enjoyable visits for all pediatric dental care in Lafayette, Louisiana. It is important to bring your child in for their first visit around age two or three, or as soon as their baby molars have appeared. Dr. John Theriot and our associate dentists will gently check these and inform you on the acts of how to care for your child’s teeth. Do all you can to avoid bringing them in when there is a toothache or other discomfort, as this can affect their attitude towards their dentist visits. Please call 337-984-3408 to set up your child’s first visit to a caring and fun dentist.