For those with missing teeth, dentures are often chosen as the ideal treatment. But at the office of Theriot Family Dental Care, we understand there are sometimes issues with dentures that can be uncomfortable and even painful.

These include:

  • Instability – Because the bottom denture rests on the jawbone, it is possible to have the embarrassment of dentures slipping out.
  • Sores – As your dentures become looser, sores are commonly developed.
  • Chewing – Even well-made dentures reduce chewing efficiency up to 50%.
  • Facial Changes – When your teeth are removed, your body reabsorbs the minerals in your jawbone, eventually leading to the loss of jawbone material over time.

Dr. John Theriot and our dentists offer implant-supported dentures in Lafayette, Louisiana, as a solution to these and other concerns. With as few as just two implants, a snap-on denture will improve your chewing efficiency, stability, and save some bone structure. Pairs of implants can also be added over time. Please contact our office to learn more about this comfort-maximizing option by calling 337-984-3408.