To give you a brighter, younger-looking smile, we at the office of Theriot Family Dental Care offer in-office and at-home teeth whitening in Lafayette, Louisiana. Our thorough dentists will examine your teeth to ensure there are no cracked or leaking fillings so that there are no complications with the powerful whitening gel. If there are no noticeable problems, Dr. John Theriot and associates will take an impression of your teeth to give you custom trays that you will use for your whitening. We will provide all the instructions necessary so that you can reach your desired level of whiteness. In-office whitening can give you teeth as white as you would like in just one visit. This is because we use a special light combined with the bleaching gel that will give you the stunningly white smile you desire! At-home treatments can require multiple applications. Call our office at 337-984-3408 to request an appointment and achieve a bright, white smile!