Know Your Harmful Foods to Protect Your Teeth

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Are you interested in protecting your teeth? Do you know the harmful foods that can damage your teeth? The good news is we may have the answers you are looking for! There are many foods that bring harm or can potentially damage your teeth, which can lead to cavities and gum disease.

Our dentist, Dr. John Theriot, is dedicated to helping others with their oral health care and needs. That is why our team at Theriot Family Dental Care in Lafayette, Louisiana, is excited to share with you a list of foods that can harm your teeth.

Here is a list of sweets and treats that can harm your teeth:

-Ice: Ice is a very hard element many people like to chew. However, the hard substance can cause your teeth to chip and crack, producing a dental threat for your teeth.
– Sour candy: The items used to create sour candy is incredibly high in acidic content, so much so that it is very close the same acid ranking as car battery acid.
– Sugary: Sugar is known to be treacherous to your teeth because it can produce cavities and rot your teeth.
– Sticky or chewy foods: Gummy foods, sticky foods and chewy foods can stick to your teeth and linger long after you are done with them. These foods are perilous because they stick to your teeth eating away at your tooth enamel causing cavities, which can lead to tooth loss and other severe health problems.
– Hard foods: Some foods such as popcorn balls or kernels can damage your teeth leading to costly restorations.

If you avoid these foods, you can protect your teeth as you age. Your smile is important, which is why it is necessary to preserve your oral health and keep your teeth healthy. If you need help with your teeth, please call us today at 337-984-3408 to make an appointment. Our dental team looks forward to helping you.