Keep Your Teeth Safe

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Are you aware that you are less likely to suffer a problem with your teeth if you take preventative action before a problem occurs? For example, eating the right foods and eliminating potentially dangerous habits in your life are key steps to keeping your smile safe. For more information about tooth hazards, see below:

– Chewing on objects like pen caps or biting your nails increases the chances of microscopic, or even visible damage, to your tooth enamel and gums.
– Your smile can become injured when you use your mouth as a bottle or can opener.
– If you insist on wearing mouth jewelry, make sure to choose a safe material to use that won’t easily damage your smile.
– Tobacco use can cause gum disease, and cancer, and will damage to your teeth and gums over time.
– You should always wear any safety gear at work or when playing sports, including mouth and face guards.
– Clenching or grinding your teeth will damage them.
– Your teeth do wear down over time, so exercise caution with hard or tough foods.

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