Dealing with Dental Anxiety

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Dental anxiety is a real condition wherein a trip to the dentist triggers anywhere from mild to extremely intense fear. If you have dental anxiety, we at Theriot Family Dental Care completely understand, and we want to help you through it. The fantastic news is there are things you can do to overcome your dental anxiety.

In psychology, the best way to treat a phobia is a method called “exposure”. Psychologist encourages their clients to gradually expose themselves to the stimulus, or the source of the anxiety. As the client has safe and pleasant experiences, the anxiety slowly and permanently dissipates.

We want to assure you that here at Theriot Family Dental Care, we’ve created a secure and nurturing environment. Our caring staff wants to offer you anything that you need to feel comfortable and calm. You are welcome to do whatever you need to help you feel content at our office. Pillows, blankets, music or audiobooks are all options. Meditation or visualizations may also be of help to you. If you are feeling too stressed during a treatment, just signal to us that you need some time to calm down and we will respect your wishes.

If you feel you are ready to come in for a check-up, please call Dr. John Theriot today in Lafayette, Louisiana at 337-984-3408 to set up an appointment. Before you come, let us know that you suffer from dental anxiety so that we can prepare to help you feel comfortable. Our friendly dental team is always happy to take your call.