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Titanium Versus Zirconia Dental Implants

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Someone sent me a blog post from a natural health advocate. In it they said that there is evidence that titanium implants cause neurological problems. I’m starting to worry about that because I already have one dental implant that is titanium. I’m scheduled to get another implant soon too. My questions are would I be safer getting a zirconia implant? If so, should I replace my old implant with that as well?


Dear Kathleen,

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I’m curious. This study that said there is evidence of neurological problems, did they cite any studies that validated that claim? If they did, I’d love to know what they were because our experience and all previous data has not borne that out. Titanium has been used for decades in multiple types of prosthetic replacements, including dental implants for teeth roots, hip replacements, knee replacements, and many more. The reason it is used so often is because titanium is very biocompatible. To date, I know of no studies that have shown any neurological problems which result from its use.

I am not opposed to zirconia implants. In fact, as a holistic dentist, Dr. Theriot often has patients who request metal-free fixtures. If you want to get that for your upcoming dental implant that would be fine.

Should You Replace Titanium Implants for Zirconia?

I do not recommend replacing your implants unless there is some type of failure. If you remove your current dental implant, you will lose bone structure during the removal process. That bone is necessary for the successful retention of any dental implant you replace it with. This means you will need an additional procedure of bone grafting before you can go forward with the zirconia implant.

Not only will you be adding expense, but additional surgery always comes with additional risks. There is no guarantee the replacement procedure will be successful

I hope this helps put your mind at ease regarding your current implant.

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