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My Mother’s Tooth Just Fell Out!

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I have an 85-year-old mother who just called me crying because one of her teeth just fell out. We take her to the dentist twice a year. Is this something that happens with age or is something more serious going on? Are there affordable solutions for this?


Dear Kelly,

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If I understand you correctly, you mean the tooth just fell out with no traumatic impact to the tooth. Is that correct? If so, that is not an age issue. The most likely culprit is gum disease. For her teeth to fall out with it, would mean she is in the advanced stages of gum disease. As you have been taking her to the dentist regularly, I would say that her dentist has been quite negligent in her care. Even if he is one who doesn’t check for gum disease, though he should, for the teeth to fall out, her gums would be receding and he MUST have noticed. To me, that is inexcusable.

You will definitely want to get her to a different dentist to have this addressed. The situation may be too far gone at this point to save her teeth, but the gum disease must be addressed.

Replacing Missing Teeth

The best way to replace missing teeth is with dental implants. However, that is not affordable. If she were younger, I would say try to afford them if you can because of the impact that facial collapse will have on her ability to eat and function. However, she is eighty-five years old. Because of that, facial collapse will probably not be an issue unless she lives to be 105 or more.

In her case, the most affordable solution would be to get her dentures. If her teeth can’t be save, you can get her full dentures. If they can, you can get her partial dentures.

There are affordable dentists out there. Find one for your mom and have those gums addressed. I would also confront her dentist about his negligence if it turns out the gums are as bad as I think they are.

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