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Dental Sedation for Wisdom Teeth Extractions

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I have a 22 year old daughter who needs to get her wisdom teeth extracted. One of them is under the bone. I’m terrified of general anesthesia and wondered if regular dental sedation will be okay for her. I don’t want her in unnecessary pain, but I don’t want her in danger either.


Dear Karen,

woman asleep in a dental chair


I can tell you are a caring mother who wants to protect her child from pain and harm. Bear in mind that I have not examined your daughter or seen any diagnostics on her case. That being said, unless there is some unusual circumstance that you have not mentioned, then I think dental sedation is all she’ll really need.

At her age, the bone is relatively pliable. There has not been time for cementum accumulation on her teeth roots either.  That means this is a great age to have her wisdom teeth extracted. The older you get, the harder these extractions become and there is a dramatic increase in the risk of complications.

I recommend using a sedation dentist who offers oral conscious sedation. It is a better option than nitrous oxide when it comes to more in depth procedures such as wisdom teeth. She will need you to drive her to and from her appointment as well as stay with her for a few hours afterward until she is lucid and secure on her feet.

If your dentist is suggesting that she needs general anesthesia, I recommend you get a second opinion. That would be a rare necessity.

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