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Snap-on Smile for an Eight Year Old?

I have an eight year old who is accident prone. He fell and broke a tooth almost in half. His dentist did dental bonding but that broke off in about a week. He’s still too young for it to be capped. Would snap on smile be good for him? Ashley Dear Ashley, I am not […]


Lower Your Expectations for Snap-on Smile

I have been trying to save money for porcelain veneers, but life keeps getting in the way. I recently saw an advert for snap-on smile and I believe this might actually be my solution. Can dentists adjust these to look the color I want the way they can with veneers? If so, this would save […]


Ordering Snap-on Smile Online?

I have been doing everything from home since the new resurgence of COVID with this Delta variant. I order all my groceries online and do all my work and socializing through Zoom. It is actually Zoom that has helped me realize how much work my smile needs. I can’t afford to get those smile makeover […]