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CEREC Crown Too Bulky

I recently needed to have a crown replaced on an upper molar. I wanted it done as fast as possible due to an upcoming travel engagement. My dentist sent me to a friend of his that has a CEREC machine so I could have it done in one day. The whole process has been a […]


CEREC Crowns for Front Teeth

I need a dental crown placed on a front tooth and I’d prefer to have one of those same-day dental crowns. My dentist doesn’t do them. Should I just get a referral to someone who does or is there a reason not to get them? Max Dear Max, CEREC crowns or same-day crowns, as they […]


The Finer Details of CEREC® Dental Crowns

Thanks to advances in modern technology and the rise of CEREC® technology, same-day dental crowns can now be used. Using computer-assisted technology, your dental impression can be precisely read to design a dental crown that is customized directly to your individual oral health care needs all in the span of a single afternoon! CEREC dental […]