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Will My Gum Drop With This Dental Implant?

I have had a dental implant placed. After that happened, my gumline was higher than the rest of my gums. in fact, it is even above my other teeth. My dentist said we should put a temporary crown over it and said that it will cause my gum to drop. There have been a host […]


I’ve Been Blacklisted by the Area’s Best Dentist

I need some advice. My friends have been talking up this dentist to me that they love. He’s done all their cosmetic work. I went to him for a cleaning and enjoyed the office. Everything was fine. Then, I decided it was time to check out the cosmetics. I have some oddly spaced teeth and […]


I Want the Best Implant Supported Dentures

I am losing my teeth because of a serious car accident and want the absolute best. My plan is implant supported dentures, but I want to know what is the absolute best material and brand for the dental implants as well as the dentures. I don’t want a dentist short changing me on materials in […]