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Bite Feels Weird After Dental Crowns

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I had composite work done years ago. It was finally time to get them replaced. My dentist suggested that instead of the dental bonding which repaired a chip and built up some gaps between my front teeth and the ones next to them, that I get six dental crowns. I went ahead and did that, but now I am having my doubts and thinking I made a huge mistake. My top teeth, which got the crowns, are hitting my bottom teeth in a way that hurts. I went back and my dentist did some grinding but now my whole jaw hurts. I know I need to go back but I fear things will just get worse. Should I go to another dentist? I’m in so much pain I’m afraid any work they do will be excruciating? Is sedation appropriate in this case?


Dear Mandy,

An image of a man grabbing his jaw in pain.

I am glad you wrote. First, I want to address your dentist giving you six dental crowns instead of simply replacing some aging dental bonding. This seems like a major overtreatment, especially if there was nothing wrong with the teeth that required a dental crown. That by itself gives me some doubts about your dentist’s ethics. Then, when you went back to get the issue of how the teeth meet together repaired, he or she just made it worse. Occlusion (the science of how your teeth should meet up) takes some advanced training, which it appears that your dentist does not have.

I want you to get a second opinion by a dentist who has advanced training in TMJ Disorder or dental implants. These dentists should understand occlusion.

You asked about dental sedation for this. When you are dealing with something that will require you to approve its appearance, I don’t recommend you use something strong like oral conscious sedation. However, nitrous oxide will be a great way to relax you enough to get through your appointment pain free while still allowing you to be lucid.

Once the crowns for the bite is repaired and the crowns are correctly placed, you will feel no pain whatsoever.

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