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Baton Rouge Toothaches

Toothaches. The best remedy Head-and-shoulders photo of a man with a toothache, frowning and holding the left side of his facefor a toothache isn’t a home remedy—it’s a dental visit. Although over-the-counter pain relievers can help, a lingering toothache is a symptom of an issue that will get worse if it’s not treated. If you’re in pain with a toothache, call Theriot Family Dental Care of Baton Rouge. We’ll see you today.

What Are Your Symptoms?

Below are common symptoms of tooth discomfort and possible causes.

  • Achy upper teeth and jaw – You might feel dull aches in your upper teeth and jaw from a sinus headache or sinus pressure. But bruxism (teeth grinding) or teeth clenching causes the same sensation. Although you might get temporary relief with over-the-counter sinus medication, Dr. Theriot or Dr. Redhead will examine your teeth and bite to identify the cause of the pain. If you clench or grind your teeth, we provide custom mouth guards. If you wear a mouth guard while you sleep, it reduces grinding and relaxes your jaw.
  • Constant, severe pain – The tissue inside your tooth that consists of blood vessels and nerves is called the pulp. When it gets infected, it can cause constant, severe pain. Root canal treatment removes the infected pulp. If the infection lingers, it will spread and can infect your jawbone or other teeth and travel into your bloodstream.
  • Sharp pain when biting or chewing – Several things can cause pain to biting or chewing. It can be as simple as a bite discrepancy that can be solved with a simple bite adjustment. Or it can be an infected tooth that is just starting to spill that infection out through the end of the root. If you come in to the office, we’ll check it out and help relieve the pain.
  • Brief sensitivity to heat or cold – Minor tooth decay, a loose filling, or receding gums can cause brief sensitivity. Sometimes brushing with toothpaste for sensitive teeth can help. If your symptoms don’t improve, Dr. Theriot or Dr. Redhead will examine your tooth, identify the cause of the sensitivity, and recommend treatment.
  • Lingering sensitivity to heat or cold – If you eat or drink something cold or hot and the sensitivity lingers for more than a couple of seconds, there may be deep tooth decay or trauma. Root canal treatment will remove the damaged pulp. We’ll clean and disinfect the tooth, replace the pulp with a dental sealer material, and protect your tooth with a crown.
  • Sensitivity to heat or cold after dental treatment – Sometimes, sensitive tooth nerves are irritated after dental treatment. If sensitivity to heat or cold doesn’t improve within two weeks, Dr. Theriot or Dr. Redhead can examine your tooth to determine why the sensitivity is lingering.

Don’t Ignore a Toothache

Please don’t ignore a toothache. Call us today. Dr. Theriot or Dr. Redhead will relieve your pain gently and quickly. If you need immediate care to stabilize your tooth, it will be painless. And sedation is available if you need it to help you relax. Call us to schedule an appointment or request an appointment online.