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Baton Rouge Second Opinion

Dental chair, instruments, and an x-ray on a TV on the wall - for second opinion dentistryA second opinion is a means of gathering more facts about your diagnosis and treatment options. It can help you make an informed decision about your dental care and your oral health.

Reasons to Request a Second Opinion

Very few oral health decisions must be made immediately. If you want a second opinion, we encourage you to bring your dental records and x-rays to your appointment with Dr. Theriot or Dr. Redhead. You can schedule an appointment for a complimentary consultation or an exam.

Below are some reasons to get a second opinion.

Confirm that your diagnosis and treatment recommendations are appropriate

If you’re unsure that your dentist’s diagnosis and treatment recommendations are appropriate, you don’t have to agree to a treatment plan. Dr. Theriot or Dr. Redhead will do the following:

  • Listen to your concerns about your diagnosis and treatment recommendations
  • Verify if your dentist completed the necessary tests and x-rays for the diagnosis and interpreted them correctly
  • Review your treatment plan to see if it is correct and complete and will resolve your dental issues

You’d like to know your treatment options

Dental problems often have more than one solution. Some dentists are aggressive in their treatment recommendations, while others are conservative.  If you want to know and understand all your options, we will review your case and explain your options.

A dentist completed treatment, but you’re still having issues

It’s wise to get a second opinion if:

  • your dentist completed your treatment;
  • you’re well into—or past—the recovery period; and
  • defective dental work, lingering pain, or ongoing discomfort are worrying you; or
  • you’re still recovering, but the signs and symptoms tell you something’s wrong.

Dr. Theriot or Dr. Redhead will evaluate the work completed by another dentist and explain your options for resolving the issue.

You want to compare fees

If your dentist’s estimated cost of your dental procedure seems too high, we give you a cost comparison. Please be prepared with a copy of the estimate and a list of what it includes. Some dental estimates are too low because a dentist might skip steps or take shortcuts. A second opinion can ensure you’re receiving comprehensive care at reasonable rates.

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

During a 10- to 15-minute complimentary consultation, you’ll meet Dr. Theriot or Dr. Redhead and discuss your concerns. Dr. Theriot has advanced dental implant training. And both doctors regularly participate in continuing education—double the yearly requirement by the Louisiana State Dental Board. They will use their training and experience to explore appropriate treatment options for you.

You don’t have to choose Theriot Family Dental Care for your dental needs, but we welcome you to schedule a consultation or an exam for a second opinion. Call us or complete our Request an Appointment form.