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Baton Rouge Pediatric Dentist

A young boy standing with three girls peeking out from behind him; for information on pediatric dentistry.If you’re looking for a pediatric dentist in Baton Rouge, at Theriot Family Dental Care Dr. Theriot and Dr. Redhead are general dentists who enjoy treating children. Your entire family can enjoy the convenience of receiving dental care at one location.

What Is a Pediatric Dentist?

A pediatric dentist has two years of specialized post-graduate training and limits their practice to dentistry for children. Although Dr. Theriot and Dr. Redhead aren’t pediatric specialists, while in dental school they received training in pediatric dentistry to care for children’s basic dental needs. Dr. Theriot has children, and he established his practice to provide comprehensive dentistry for the entire family. But if your child has unique needs that require a specialist, we won’t hesitate to refer you to one.

Your Child’s Dental Appointment

It’s best not to over-prepare your child for the visit and make them anxious. You can introduce them to the dentist by bringing them with you to your appointment. At age two or three, when it is time for their appointment, you can explain that we go to the dentist to keep our teeth strong, clean, and beautiful. Only use positive words about the visit. We give injections, not shots.

At Theriot Family Dental Care, we create fun, comfortable dental experiences for children so they can develop a lifelong habit of maintaining good oral health. Most adult dental anxiety results from traumatic childhood dental experiences, so we help kids have positive memories of their visits with us. We don’t pressure or force children to receive dental treatment.

We welcome your children at a young age:

  • When your child’s teeth begin to erupt, bring them to your dental appointment to see what happens at the dentist.
  • Schedule their first dental visit around age two or three when primary molars erupt.
  • You’re welcome to come into the treatment room with your child.

Throughout the visit, we talk to children to ensure they’re comfortable and understand the following:

  • What will happen next and why
  • Which dental tools we will use
  • How a procedure will feel

Visit Our Family Dental Practice

We have a family friendly atmosphere. And many of our staff members have children, so we understand kids and warmly welcome them to our office.

Call us to schedule an appointment for an exam for your child or request an appointment online.


“It was my first time bringing my child to Theriot Family Dental Care, and it was absolutely the best experience! The front office staff is so kind and helpful, and the hygienist and dentist are wonderful. The office is very clean and sanitized, too.” – Kristen C.