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Baton Rouge Mercury-Free Dentist

At Theriot Family Dental Care in Baton Rouge, you’ll receive mercury-free dentistry. We use composite fillings that match your tooth color and look natural.

Why Is Mercury Used in Fillings?

Amalgam (“silver”) fillings are made of two primary ingredients. The first ingredient is an alloy of mostly silver combined with copper and maybe zinc and tin. The other ingredient, which is about 50 percent of the filling, is mercury. When you have a cavity that is ready to be filled, the dentist will thoroughly mix liquid mercury with the silver alloy, which forms a paste. This paste is pushed into the cavity, and within a few minutes it hardens. The American Dental Association says that amalgam is safe and effective for filling teeth, but people are still nervous about having mercury in their mouth, so they are wanting alternatives to amalgam fillings.

What’s in Composite Fillings?

Composites, as the name implies, are also a mixture of materials. There is an inorganic component, which is usually microscopic particles of silica or quartz. These are bound in a plastic-like resin. It is put into your cavity in a putty form. Then there are certain activators in the resin that, when they are activated with a certain wavelength of light, will harden into a tough, wear-resistant composite.

Composite vs. Amalgam


  • Preserves healthy tooth structure and only removes decay
  • Requires bonding technology, detailed technique, and more time
  • Bonds to teeth and strengthens them
  • Insulates teeth and minimizes post-placement sensitivity to heat and cold
  • Blends with your tooth color


  • Removes decay and a lot of healthy tooth structure
  • Doesn’t require extra training beyond dental school, and it’s easy to place
  • Often weakens teeth and corrodes
  • Metals in amalgam increase post-placement sensitivity to heat and cold
  • Dark and noticeable on your teeth

The photos below are an example of the results after old amalgam fillings are replaced with composite fillings. The new fillings match the teeth, look natural, and make the teeth look healthy.

Mercury-free dentistry before photo of three lower molars with amalgam fillings
Mercury-free dentistry after photo of three lower molars with new composite fillings


Take Care of Your Mercury-Free Fillings

  • Brush and floss your teeth daily to minimize plaque buildup.
  • Alcohol softens composite, so avoid heavy consumption.
  • Maintain good oral health and keep your fillings stable by scheduling regular dental exams and cleanings.

Dr. Theriot and Dr. Redhead have the training and skill required to place mercury-free fillings. You’ll receive natural-looking, long-lasting results.

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